Living and Authentic life

Friday, September 9, 2011


My favorite time of year is the fall. It is already starting to happen in Provo and here in St. George it feels like it takes FOREVER for fall to be here!! I love the trees changing and the cool weather, not too cold - not too hot! Hoodies and cute lu lu lemon pants are my staple fall outfit. I know it has been a long time, geez my last post was in January, I have got to do this at least once a month because it feels like time flies by and SO MUCH happens, next thing you know it's been over half a year since I have written. SO, I know there are not a lot of people that read about our little family, but for those that goes the last 8 months......

Well all my boys had birthdays........Shad turned 32 in February, Taren turned 3 in April and Taegyn turned 5 in August! I have included birthday pictures! Buzz, Transformers and Shad's cake! We decided not to start Taegyn in kindergarten because he JUST turned 5 August 2nd and it felt so soon. Waiting a year will help his body and mind mature and be ready for school. For anyone that has boys there is a neat book out called BOYS ADRIFT and it has some amazing points about boys and how they learn to grow up hating school and some things to do about it and help boys love to learn. I love it and a lot of what I read in this book was part of my decision to wait for Tae next year to go to school. We found a kindergarten called Dixie Sun that teaches classes in Spanish 1-2 times a week, which would be so cool for our boys to learn Spanish. ;)

Both the boys are BUSY BUSY BUSY! I think boys are tough on the front end but way less drama (I hope) through the teenage years, so yes I am tired now, but eventually I think they will mellow out! ;) They run run run wherever we go. They love swimming, playing at parks, having Harry Potter read to them (they love reading books) and Taren has to be doing whatever Taegyn is doing. We got both of the boys transformers bikes (of course) Tae has optimus prime and Taren has bumble bee. Our friend told us to take of the training wheels and pedals to teach them balance and scoot around with their legs and when they are ready put the pedals back on and teach them to ride around. They LOVE LOVE LOVE their bikes and many an evening is spent riding around the block with them. Geez they grow up so fast, Taegyn is already moving into his boy face and not toddler baby face anymore.

Football season is here so of course Shad is a happy man, but I don't think his Cardinals are going to be that good this year ;( He is staying busy and getting ready to hunt in the fall. He drew a once in a lifetime Bull Elk tag and is very excited to do this hunt with his brother Shaylor (I am so glad he is going with him) They will have a lot of fun together.

Work is going well! I love being a part of the clinical department and have enjoyed working with the adolescent boys. I think they are one of my favorite age groups to work with. I am applying for grad school at the university of Phoenix and plan on starting in Febuary. I still want to do the APRN degree but while I am here in St. George it makes sense to get a therapy degree so I can do what I want to be doing in the field and get my APRN degree after I am done getting this one. This way I can still work, work in the field I want to be in, and have a degree.

Anyway that is us!! I could not get Taegyn's birthday and bike pictures....I will post them later!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Well here we are and its SPRING!!

OK OK friend Ryan told me I needed to update my blog! So thank you Ryan for the nudge because it is....way behind!! It has been about 4 months...we made it throught the holidays with a lot of family and friend time...which is always a wonderful thing!! I had a birthday and turned 32 (WOW) and feeling better instead of older...I know right...might sound wierd but it is true, I feel like the thirties are going to house some of my best years...I may say that when I am in my forties too, but for now I feel like everything about me and my life is only getting better as I get older! Shad had a birthday as well and is 32 as well....I can't say if he thinks his thirties were better than his twenties but I would guess that 2 little boys in his life make it so...he can't get enough out of being a daddy to those two! And they are very much daddy's boys.....unless they are hurt (then they come to me, because nothing fixes boo boos like a mommy's kiss) they want to do everything with their daddy...its cute! Now we are on the horizon of Taren turning 3! It has gone by soooo fast. Our little one is not so little any more and him and his brother do EVERTHING together. If I am ever with one of my boys without the other they always ask why and where is there brother. They are the best of friends, and of course they have days where they don't get a long and I hope they stay close their whole lives....

Shad and I had planned on having what we think would be our last baby (unless it was twins cause I don't think I could be pregnant 4 times) by the time Taren turned 3 and here it is around the corner! I have to be honest I go back and forth, my boys are SO busy and working full time sometimes I am so tired....AND there is a feeling that lingers and lingers so I feel there is another one....We may officially try in JUNE but we will see.....if not this year then next year and I think that will be it for us and kiddos!

Overall life is busy, fun and full of blessings. We have many loved ones in our lives who fill our hearts with JOY! Hopefully we can enjoy springtime here in St. George before it gets too hot and I will be posting pictures soon of Taren and his BIG 3 lamb roast for his birthday!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Life goes on.....

well its been awhile! I have decided that when you have little ones it is hard to find time for things like writing blogs...that being said I think it is still important for me to do even if its once a month, its like a journal of our family as we evolve and develop. I certainly want that in the years to come. So what is life like for the Sorensen's these days...well I am loving my new job as a therapist assistant. I am in the midst of figuring out my long term school plan. I adjusted it a bit and am going a non-conventional route to become a therapist. I will have to go back to school and get a bachelor's degree in nursing (I am currently working on the pre-reqs for nursing school) Then get my Masters degree as an APRN and become psychiatric nurse practioner. It is the degree that can expand my scope of practice and I can still do couseling. I think I have just resolved myself to be in school for the next few years. I figure if I get my master's degree and my Ph.D. by the time I am 38 I will be thrilled. I am in for the long haul for sure.

Shad is doing well and about to go hunting for a cow elk. I hope he gets one this year because then our freezer is full of healthy, organic elk meet for over a year.

My boys are growing up fast and there is talk about adding another one to our clan by the time Taren turns 3. I considered it now, but I don't want to go through my last trimester in the ridiculous heat of St. George, SO we are waiting, but probley next year for sure. Taegyn goes to a kindergarten class one or two times a week at his day care and is doing well in the class. Taren gets to do pre-school while Taegyn is upstairs in his class. Its a great day care and we love it.

This year for Halloween they were sharks and loved the costumes. Shad and I went to San Diego because we have an awesome friend named Jessica Washburn who made it all happen and it was like a second honeymoon. Great times. So my kids got to hang with my most amazing parents and got to go trick-or-treating with Grandpa Pool. Needless to say they had a blast.

Life is good, we can't complain. Sometimes we wonder how we are so blessed (Thanks mom and dad, it must be your blessing spilling over! ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Well I was updating my blog and changing things around and found a picture I LOVE, this is one of my favorite days in the whole world, riding this amazing horse was SO MUCH FUN! This is an FPS registered Fresian horse, worth around $150,000 to $250,000. They are amazing big gentle animals. This was one of my bridal pictures! Such an amazing time and day to remember. I wanted to well as some wedding photos...would love to see all of your special day and a wedding pic or two if you can find them!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PERU and more

Ok seriously I want to write on this more often. Really not since JUNE! Geez...well of course so much has happened in a little over 2 months. Let me start with I GOT A NEW JOB! Pretty much the one I have wanted for a long time. I get to work with the clinical department at Entrada where I have been working for a long time and be Matt's therapy assistant. I LOVE IT! It is so amazing to be doing the work I LOVE. I don't get tired ever of doing therapy in the field...ok I do if there are over 10 kids...but I still smile when I think about my job and my life. OK....THEN I went to PERU for 2 weeks with travel days added onto that, so was gone for 17 days total. It was SO neat to be part of another culture and cultivated in me the desire to become fluent in spanish. I want to return and travel some more and would like to be able to hold my own with the language. Next time I want to bring Shad, he would have loved being there. Everything I did I thought....Shad would love this, Shad would love definently bringing him to south america sometime. We stayed with a family who also has a healing center. We ate so healthy and clean and just overall had an amazing time. I went with my best buddy Jessica who is phenomenal to travel with and we laughed so hard sometimes I started crying. We created lots of fun memories, made some great relationships and had an experience of a lifetime. The boys are busy and growing. Taren is going through the terrible two phase. Hopefully that ends soon! The picture is there latest sleeping arrangement. Once we leave the room Tae goes down and sleeps with Taren, so cute I had to sneak snap this picture. Hopefully I update this more often!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whoa its been too long!!!

Hello....I have taken way to long to update this blog...and its does not have to take that long and I have just not made the time for I am going to try and do it at least 2 times a month. ok so update since febuary.....well I made it through another winter in the field and boy am I glad all the snow is GONE!! I sure hope that is my last winter ever doing 8 days in a row in the field.....we got so much snow in the field this year again!! Wish I had taken some pictures around the fire pit, the snow was so would take 2-3 hours to set up camp and get enough wood to burn, and then you spend the rest of the day drying all the wood by the fire.....whew...glad that is over. So whats going on with the rest of the time? Well I am still trying to figure out grad school and I think I have finally settled on getting an Psychiatric Nurse Practioner degree.....which means...I have to get ANOTHER bachelor's degree and become a nurse, then go to grad school to get the APRN degree....BUT once I get it I will be able to have my own prescriptive practice, and after that I will go for a Ph.D. or a Psy.D. and be able to do everything in the practice I eventually want to which is med management, testing and counseling....pretty awesome, and I am in the long haul with school. So that is me and school. Hoping to be able to work at Second Nature Entrada while doing some of this schooling stuff, but not be in the field for 8 days in a row...since school is impossible to do with that schedule. The boys...they are BUSY!! and I love the age they are at!! Tae asks so many funny questions and of course Taren has to do everything he does...if Tae is eating at the table, Taren has to as well, no high chair for him! They love playing in the dirt, in the water and climb all sorts of things. I am glad our family loves doing things in nature because those boys LOVE to be outside!! We love our lives and feel blessed and hopefully some cool changes are coming up ahead here!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dang its been awhile, I have been a slacker!!

Ok I admit it, I have been a huge blogger slacker!! So my last post was in december and here we are approaching the end of Febuary. Not a ton has happened....ok well some significant changes may be happening soon, but I can't talk about those I will talk about the boys....growing up fast! Taren is talking a lot these days, he is saying full sentences and can pretty much tell me whatever he needs and have little about he weighs 29 lbs and Tae weighs 31 ;) One day I think he is going to beat up on his older brother, it is like my brother Spencer against Shad....they got this big plastic container from our friend Lisa and they call it their bazooka....but Taren says Gakooka...its so cute! Tae has become a puzzle master, he loves doing them and he does 50 peice ones....Taren has to do everything Tae is doing and it is fun to watch them play and tackle each other around the house. We went to the park the other day and I was sitting under a tree watching them, Tae is not shy at all, he ran right up to the dad that was there with his daughters and said....Man, look at my shoes....Man chase was hilarious, he says really funny things. He tells me when I get back from work he missed me and gives me huge hugs!! I can't believe that Taren will be 2 soon!! So I am still in the field working, and the winter has been brutal, tons of snow...but hopefully its a shorter one and spring comes quickly. Shad is still doing back up and we are content for now. We both had our birthdays and turned 31....It feels like I am not getting any older...maybe that will change after 35...for now I feel super young still!! Well that is it for now. Valentines day was fun, I got Shad a massage and bio shock, an x box game, super weird one by the way....and I got a new braclet!! Life is great for us all!